Given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, Aspire Training has made some temporary, significant changes to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our learners, clients and staff while also enabling those who wish to continue their studies to do so.

As an organisation, we are carefully monitoring the situation and responding to advice provided by the Department and applicable Regulatory bodies. As at today’s date, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment have advised us that we can continue to operate until such time that the Department of Health or Chief Medical Officer advises otherwise.

Below is summary of the key changes we have made; however, we encourage anyone with questions to contact our team on 02 4353 7188.

Social distancing

As per the directive by the Department of Health, we have introduced ‘social distancing’ measures including:

  • Strict instructions for all staff and students to maintain a minimum 1.5 metres distance
  • Per-person room and class limits to ensure adequate space is available in each room to maintain 1.5 metres distance while working/undertaking classroom activities

Good hygiene

As per the recommendations by the Department of Health, we have introduced measures to encourage good hygiene practices from our staff and students including:

  • Additional alcohol-based hand sanitisers which must be used upon arrival and throughout the day after coming in contact with surfaces or moving between areas
  • Posters displayed throughout the training centre identifying effective hand washing, hand rubbing and cough etiquette
  • Adequate soap dispensers and disposable paper towel

Extra precautions

To maintain a safe environment for all, we have introduced some extra precautions in relation to cleaning including regular disinfecting of door handles, benches, tables and common areas.

First Aid classes

We have undertaken and will continue to undertake a risk-based approach towards delivering First Aid during this time. We understand that many people require a current first aid or CPR certificate in order to maintain their employment. As such, we will continue to take limited bookings for essential first aid and CPR courses for those people working within essential services. In order to ensure a safe classroom environment, we have implemented the following additional strategies:

  • Class numbers will be limited and a student by student risk-based approach will be taken prior to a student attending class
  • All students will be screened by verbal questionnaire prior to commencing class in relation to COVID-19 and their responsibilities while in the classroom
  • Entry, exit and access to kitchen and bathroom facilities will occur at specific intervals and will be managed by Trainers and/or Apire staff to ensure social distancing is maintained and areas are disinfected appropriately between use
  • Physical contact activities during first aid class such as bandaging, the recovery position and EpiPen demonstrations will be presented by the facilitator and covered off in detail using simulations and scenario based assessment tasks
  • Additional hand gel and disinfecting facilities have been made available and all equipment will be disinfected between each use

It is without hesitation that we will turn people away who exhibit signs of being unwell, symptoms of COVID-19 or similar or do not follow the directions of the Department or Aspire staff.

At present, we are still operational and will continue to accept and process enrolments for qualifications and essential first aid.

Our RSA and RCG courses have been temporarily put on hold, however if you require your RSA or RCG urgently please contact our office on

0249 56 9960

We’d like to stress that the health and welfare of our clients and team is of the highest importance to us and we will continue to closely follow the information provided by the Government as well as Training Services NSW, The Department of Health, NSW Health & ASQA who are issuing regular updates and clear instruction around best practice for our specific industry.

There is no doubt that this is a very challenging and uncertain time, however, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and encourage everyone to follow the health advice provided by our Government and official bodies.

Please take care and stay safe,